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What is a Parent Board?

Hand in Hand is a not-for-profit organization and it relies on parents to serve as board members. The board meets monthly to discuss any issues concerning the school;  staffing, facilities, finances, curriculum, and events, as well as provide the director with guidance when needed. Board members also assist at social events throughout the year. Election of officers takes place every spring. Here is a breakdown of officer positions and their roles:


  • President- Sets the agenda and runs meetings. In between meetings, the president works with the director to address any concerns that require immediate attention. 

  • Vice President - Runs the meetings in absence of the president. Oversees teacher appreciation and elections. 

  • Recording Secretary - Keeps minutes during the meetings. 

  • Financial Secretary - Reviews the school's financial records monthly. 

  • Fundraising Chairs - Oversee any and all fundraising efforts. 

  • Social Chairs- Assist the teachers in organizing various events throughout the year; such as, Open House, Thanksgiving feast, Christmas programs, and Graduation ceremonies. 


Monthly meetings are open to families, if you wish to join a meeting, or want to get involved, you can contact Board President Ashley Herrington ( or any current Board Members Listed.

Meet the Board


President: Ashley Herrington

Vice President: Leah Dennis 

Secretary: Erin Mahaffey 

Financial Secretary: Sarah Consaul 

Social Chairs: Kim Harken, Lauren Stover

Fundraising Chairs: Elizabeth Cooley, Shannon Kerekes 

SCRIP Coordinator: Sarah Consaul 

Past Board Members


President: Holly Clements 

Vice President: Amanda Hexel 

Secretary: Erin Baskin 

Financial Secretary: Amy Reed 

Social Chairs: Beth Rossell, Ashley Herrington, Jenny White

Fundraising Chairs: Elizabeth Cooley, Leah Dennis

SCRIP Coordinator: Sarah Consaul 

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