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Fun & Creativity


Whether it's painting, pasting, sculpting, or coloring, we encourage students to express themselves through art. Art projects are completed every day in our preschool program and weekly in kindergarten. 


We use music daily to introduce new concepts, reinforce lessons, build confidence, language development, and most importantly, have fun! 


Students are encouraged to explore God's creation through observation and inquiry. The concepts of weather, seasons, planets, plants, animals, animal habitats, and metamorphosis are introduced and explored. 


Our phonics program is multi-sensory. Letter recognition and phonetic awareness are built upon through each preschool class. Kindergarten has a heavy influence on reading, writing, and spelling. 


Our preschool mathematics program includes number recognition, counting, sequencing, shapes, and patterns. Our kinder program covers addition, subtraction, skip counting, telling time, shapes, patterns, and an introduction to money.  

Outside Play

Free play encourages students to use their imaginations and work together while developing their gross motor skills. Strengthening bones and muscles is key in developing balance, hand-eye coordination, and core muscles.

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